October 30, 2016

What am I doing

There is a popular anecdote in the frog community. Older, wiser frogs love to tell to it to younger frogs. It goes something like this: once there was a man who worked at work and ate at diners, and all seemed fine enough to him, and over the years things in his life were constantly changing for the worst, but he didn’t really notice and didn’t make decisions to fix this trend. Today always seemed not too bad compared to yesterday. A year ago was hard to recall, so he didn’t bother. He died being an unhappy, grumpy, miserable man. The end.

The boiling frog anecdote is considered extremely offensive in the frog community.

Metaphorical tales are fun and all, but I find them very unhelpful at times. If you’re stuck somewhere in life and need a push, a boiling frog analogy won’t wake you up. The whole problem is in not seeing stuff clearly, and another perspective just makes you not see stuff clearly from another perspective.

So, instead, think of an unhappy, grumpy, miserable old man regretting his lack of decisions.

The frog is fine.

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