December 1, 2020

Fedora 33 initial impressions (Thinkpad x230):

  • Installer: no way to wipe whole HDD and repartition automatically”, like in Ubuntu.
    • Two partition managers are offered during installation, one referred to by its name which I already forgot. However, neither could help me achieve what I wanted. One has automatic partitioning, but fails to destroy the EFI partition. The other can destroy the EFI partition, but doesn’t have automatic partitioning.
    • In the end, I opened the GNOMEs partition manager (disk utility or something) and wiped the HDD there, then restarted the installer and used the automatic partitioning.
  • Couldn’t get the timezone right automatically.
  • Otherwise, the installation was plain and simple
  • After installation: maybe a GNOME problem, but there is no progress bar after download updates” is clicked. I thought nothing is happening.
  • dnf is alright.
  • Overall, everything works, it’s even boring :-)

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